Cane Sugar Milling Station

Cane Sugar Milling Station

Refined sugar is made from sugarcane, processed, and packed in a cane sugar milling station. The juice from the cane is extracted by milling using high-pressure iron rollers that are low in sugar concentration. Sugar mill machinery is a cost-effective solution that provides high efficiency at work and low power consumption.

1. Bottom Cone for PAN

Project:- Isgec Heavy Engineering Ltd., Noida, U.P.
Weight :- 80000 kg.

Description:- It is a vessel where sugar syrup is boiled under vacuum to get desired sugar crystal size using a vacuum pan. These evaporator machines vary in size up to 14 diameters (4.270 m) or larger. Vacuum pans are of varying types like regular calandria, coil, and ribbon calandria. Vacuum pans are designed in a way that permits natural circulation. The device through which syrup is diluted is processed in the vacuum pan to distribute the liquid evenly in small portions below the calandria. Water ejectors are used to saving the vacuum pumps from drying. It is a manual process and, the work efficiency depends on the cane quality. 

2. Sparzer Cone For Juice Sulphitor (Moc. S.S. 304)

Project :- Isgec Heavy Engineering Ltd., Noida, U.P.
Weight :- 1200 kg.

Description:- Juice sulphitor and defecation vessels play an important role in sugar milling stations as they are used for juice clarification and mud settling rate. Juice sulphitor vessels do juice liming by connecting milk of lime & SO2 gas. The liquid passes through the mass flow meter and comes in contact with sulfur dioxide gas and lime for 7-8 minutes. Both the quantities of lime and SO2 depends on the pH level of the liquid. 


We are efficiently meeting the requirements of numerous customers across the nation by manufacturing and supplying Head Stock for GRPF. Our dexterous workforce uses quality grade mild steel and cast iron to manufacture this headstock. The headstock is secured by 4 nos. primary & 2 nos. secondary foundation bolts along with cross beams tied across with studs, resulting in a rigid mill assembly that prevents vibrations. The wider base of headstock makes rigidity of the mill, gives better load transfer to the mill foundation. SS wear plates are provided with CSK bolts at both sides of headstocks Jaw, to improve the sliding action of top roller bearing housing. We offer Head Stock for GRPF at cost-effective prices.