Cane Sugar Boiling House

Can Sugar Boiling House

Boiling house equipment is sugar cane evaporator, juice heater, vacuum pans, manufactured in compliance with industry standards and quality raw materials. A Boiling house is the building where sugarcane juice undergoes heating temperatures for boiling. It is then further sent for the processing of sugar. 

1. Vertical Crystallizer Shell 300 MT. Cap.

Project :- Govind Sugar Mill Ltd. Lakhimpur Kheri, U.P.
Weight :- 6500 Kg.

Descriptions: Vertical cooling crystallizers like mono vertical crystallizer, Riser type Vertical Crystallizer, Twin Vertical crystallizer, etc. require a cooling surface to transfer heat effectively. Crystallizer covers the cooling surface with massecuite all time. For the continuous cooling system, consider using U shaped crystallizers and vertical crystallizers. They occupy large volumes for small floor space and are fixed on the ground without any support. The connection between heat exchange surface and massecuite improves the functioning of a vertical crystallizer. They are cheaper as compared to other crystallizers and saves on energy costs. The sugar industry has been using vertical crystallizers for the past four years. 

2. Vertical Crystallizer Shell 300 MT. Cap.

Project :- Govind Sugar Mill Ltd. Lakhimpur Kheri, U.P.
Weight :- 6500 Kg.

Descriptions: Juice sulphitor and defecation vessels play an important role in sugar milling stations as they are used for juice clarification and mud settling rate. Juice sulphitor vessels do juice liming by connecting milk of lime & SO2 gas. The liquid passes through the mass flow meter and comes in contact with sulfur dioxide gas and lime for 7-8 minutes. Both the quantities of lime and SO2 depends on the pH level of the liquid.

3. Syrup Sulphitor

Project :- U.P. State Sugar Corp. Ltd. Meerut, U.P.
Weight :- 10000 kg.

Descriptions: Syrup sulphitors are a mixture of SO2 gas, juice, and lime milk and ensure a uniform SO2 gas distribution. It is zero-maintenance machinery manufactured using superior quality raw materials to give hassle-free operations. The capacity of the syrup sulphitor ranges from 45 Hl to 500 Hl. It requires less space in the factory and is cost-effective. Syrup sulphitors or Sulphur burners improve the quality of sugar syrup to feed to the pan and are an essential part of the sugar manufacturing process. They provide complete absorption of SO2 gas and contain a specially designed syrup spray nozzle. 

4. Overhead Mild Steel Tanks.

Descriptions: Overhead mild steel tanks are known for efficient working manufactured with standard industry norms. They are durable and ensure the long life of the materials used in overhead small steel tanks. These tanks are suitable for sugar manufacturing due to their improved and manageable work performance. They are considered best for processing and storage work in the factory. Mild steel storage tanks are non-corrosive and exactly outlined. Their robust design protects them from corrosion and any environmental challenges. Overhead Mild steel tanks are available in different specifications and capacities.  

5. Water Cooled & Air Cooled Crystallizers.

Descriptions: Crystallizers stir the massecuite while they cool from pan dropping temperature to surrounding temperature. Cooling reduces the solubility of sugar through crystallization. Constant stirring minimizes the temperature level and stops the development of gain nearby. Air-cooled crystallizers are U-shaped, open, and horizontal crystallizers. They cool down the massecuite through radiations. However, the cooling process is slow. Water-cooled crystallizers circulate water via disk-type elements that develop a direct connection with massecuite & dries off the cane juice quickly. 

6. Vapour Space with Skirt for 3600 SQM. H.S.

Falling Film Evaporator (5032 Dia X 8982 Long).
Project :- U.P. State Sugar Corp. Ltd., Pipraich, Gorakhpur, U.P.
Weight :- 33636 Kg.

Descriptions: The emission of several gases from the sugar industry needs a vapor space to reduce these emissions and save energy by implementing modern technologies. Heat Vapor space with the skirt for 3600 SQM. H.S is one such method that increases energy efficiency and improves the environmental performance of the industry. This steel made vapor spaces are corrosion-resistant with reduced weight. They have improved the overall functioning of the sugar industry. These spaces help consume the emissions to produce more energy resources. 

7. Calandria for 3600 SQM. H.S. Falling Film Evaporator (3782 OD X 10280 Long)

Project :- U.P. State Sugar Corp. Ltd., Pipraich, Gorakhpur, U.P.
Weight :- 28763 Kg.

Descriptions: The cane juice is supplied to the top of the heating tubes for concentration and distributed evenly to flow down inside the heating tube. The cane juice then starts to boil due to external heating present in the heating tube. It gets evaporated. Gravity causes the downward flow and enhances by the parallel vapor formed. The residual and the cane juice segregate in the lower part of the calandria. The lower part of the calandria needs to be wet as the dry spots will result in incrustation and residual built up. You have to select the even distribution from the head of the evaporator. Longer heating tubes increase the wetting rates. 

8. Vertical Crystallizer Shell 250 & 280 MT. Cap.

Project :- U.P. State Sugar Corp. Ltd.
Pipraich, Gorakhpur, U.P.

Descriptions: Massecuite circulation is essential to achieve proper heat transfer and sugar crystallization. The force generated between the vapor and liquid in calandria tubes is responsible for massecuite circulation. Vertical crystallizer shell 250 & 280 MT. the cap represents a positive change as the content of vapor increases resulting in increased fraction and single gas-phase formation. The fluid and the heating mechanism undergo vertical boing tubes of high capacity and, transitions take place in between different regimes. Boiling in vertical channels increases the fluid flow and the heat transfer in a vertical resulting. 

9. Juice Heater 450 SQM. H.S. (2175 Dia X 6800 Long.)

Project :- U.P. State Sugar Corp. Ltd., Munderwa, Basti U.P.
Weight :- 17150 Kg.

Juice heaters contain stainless steel with a capacity of 60 to 500 square meters of heating surface. The operating speed of the mill roller is 7 minutes per revolution. The heating temperature set is 30-90 degrees of temperature. Juice heaters process heats the cane juice in tubular juice heater. After heating, juice clarification through the air floatation process takes place for obtaining the clear cane juice and is further sent to a triple set evaporator. These juice heaters come in different sizes and heat the cane juice during the process. They have inbuilt leak-proof passes for higher work efficiency.