Company Profile

About Star Applied Mechanics

We, STAR APPLIED MECHANICS PVT. LTD., are a well-known name in the Sugar Industry. With experience of over 12 years, we have been consistent in providing modernization, instrumentation, expansion, and automation solutions for Sugar Plants and Mills. Along with the same, we are into designing and developing Sugar Plant Machinery, Boiling House Equipment, Boiling House Machines in accordance with the market standards. With a team that has investment valuable time in sugar industry, we are catering to the customer requirement with latest solutions, ensuring to keep a proper, futuristic perspective to project studies, designing, engineering plans, and executions. Our engineering process and consultancy services enable our clients to produce sugar of all varieties and qualities.

Our Sugar Plant & Mill Engineering Solutions

From concept to commissioning, we offer diverse engineering solutions to customers, based on their requirement:

  • Consultancy on Green Field and Brown Field Projects
  • Factory Engineering and Implementation
  • Sugar Industry Studies
  • Management and Technical Advisory
  • Complete Sugar Plants with Co-Gen
  • Modernization and Expansion of Existing Sugar Plants
  • Sugar Refinery

Green Field Projects

We have provided Consultancy Solution to the following:

  • Chadha Sugars & Industries Ltd, Punjab
  • Ganpati Sugar Industries Ltd, A.P
  • KM Sugar Mills Ltd, Faizabad, U.P FIJI
  • Sugar Corporation, FIJI
  • Riga Sugar Co. Ltd, Bihar
  • Maha Kaushal Sugar & Power Industries Ltd, M.P
  • Tirupati Sugars Ltd, Bagha (Bihar)
  • Hanuman Sugars & Industries Ltd, Bihar

Our Clients